San Diego, CA, USA

conDati Analytics

Data Science for Marketers

Bringing machine learning and AI to another problem space.

When Akamai acquired SOASTA in 2017, most of us had been working on SOASTA products for anywhere from 7.5 to 11 years.  SOASTA’s Founder and Executive Chairman was ready to take what we’d learned about data science and apply it to a different space: marketing.  I co-founded conDati along with him and a great team.

Next Generation Marketing Analytics

Attacking the marketing data science problems on 3 fronts.

The MarTech space has over 7000 products and counting.  In order to do the data science that we wanted to do in this space, we first had to unify the data.  Therefore, our approach was to create a product stack to collect and blend the data, analyze it, and then allow our customers to share this data among their colleagues.  Thus, conDati Hub, conDati Workbench, and conDati Analytics were all born.

Real Results with AI

A product still ahead of its time.

Today, conDati analytics has an AI engine that generates significant lift for customers marketing efforts.  Simply put, the AI engine can do way more than a human can.  Marketing targeting is a high-dimensionality problem.  The number of campaigns marketers run, across ad platforms, with the number of targeting parameters possible in each (hundreds to thousands) makes it impossible for a human to keep track of them all.  AI is a perfect solution for this problem.

My contributions to this company and product:

Role: Vice President, Product Design (2017-2019)

  • Co-founded the company, participated in securing funding rounds, and hired a great team
  • Led design, platform engineering, data engineering, and data science (17 direct reports) in launching conDati’s products in 9 months from the ground up
  • Architected a revolutionary data science stack in AWS, with patent-pending features, that delivers 10-50% or more in marketing ROI via machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Created all corporate branding, product UI designs, data viz designs, and design system assets in year one
  • conDati won first place at the USAA #SXSW AI Pitch Competition shortly after coming out of stealth mode
  • Filled all alpha and beta slots with early adopter customers and converted some into paying customers in year 2 (ahead of similar companies in our space)

Role: Chief Product and Design Officer (1/2019 – 8/2019)

  • Promoted after 18 months and assumed product management responsibilities in addition to leading design and engineering
  • Created vision, strategy, roadmaps, and PM processes for the company
  • Conducted UX review sessions with customers to inform designs
  • Led the prioritization and creation of features that drove product usage by over 1000% in some cases for target customer personas

Please note: some designs below are 100% from my fingertips, while others were made better, or created entirely, by my team of rockstar designers and engineers under my leadership.  Details will be noted in the image gallery descriptions.  Finally, the content of the dashboards you see was created by the conDati data science team, which at the time no longer reported directly to me.  We designed and created the platform for content delivery, but they worked hard to create the data science behind the dashboards.  This is a complicated product and it’s taken a great team of diverse skillsets to make it successful.