San Diego, CA, USA



Award winning real-user monitoring.

In late 2011, while I was VP of Products for SOASTA, we decided to expand our portfolio into the application performance management (APM) space.

SOASTA Founder and Executive Chairman Ken Gardner needed designs and a prototype for a WebGL globe visualization which was meant to be (and ultimately became) the centerpiece dashboard in mPulse.  I did the early 3D renders of that globe, and worked with fantastic designer and friend Kendall Cosby to create the first WebGL prototype of it.  That prototype convinced the board of directors to fund the acquisition of LogNormal and development began on the mPulse product.

Rapid Growth

From 0 to 150 customers and from $0 to $10m in revenue in under 4 years.

LogNormal was co-founded by Philip Tellis and Buddy Brewer.  Philip is the author of Boomerang, the premier real user measurement tag written in Javascript.  With those two on board, SOASTA’s world class product, marketing, and engineering teams defined the RUM category and took it by storm.  The real-time analytics in mPulse set the stage for big data science for UX with Data Science Workbench in the coming years, becoming the first of its kind in that category.

mPulse quickly became SOASTA’s growth engine. The lite version allowed customers to self qualify, and our best-in-class real-time analytics engine propelled us to the forefront of the real-user-measurement (RUM) category. 

Passing the PM Torch

Transitioning to product design to build two new products.

During this rapid growth period I transitioned from product management to product design since we were planning to build two entirely new products – the Digital Operations Center, and the Data Science Workbench products. In 2013 we hired the wonderful Connie Quach to take over my PM team as I switched over to leading product design.  We needed a really world class PM leader and Connie was definitely the perfect person for the job.  We would later go on to found conDati together in 2017 after the Akamai acquisition.

My contributions to this product:

Role: Vice President – Product Management (2011-2013)

  • Created the first designs and working version of the mPulse Globe in WebGL and Javascript

  • Defined requirements, created 2D/3D designs, and led implementation of the first real-time version of the globe
  • Our team was granted a patent for work on this core and differentiating feature
  • Led much of the interaction design and implementation of new features across the product in the first year after launch.  Our team included the very talented Wilson Stockman and Chris Thomas – who have done visual effects work on films such as Avatar, Iron Man 3, Harry Potter, and The Dark Knight
  • Hired a great PM team to run the mPulse product successfully, which included well-known APM expert and all-around fantastic guy Cliff Crocker

Role: Vice President, Principal Product Designer (2013-2017)