San Diego, CA, USA

Data Driven
Product Design

I work with analytics on two fronts: I design customer facing analytics features for products, and I implement internal analytics solutions (out-of-the-box or custom built) for products in order to deliver insights (usage, behavioral, marketing, performance, and business related). Sometimes I do both on the same project – ship a new analytics feature that’s also instrumented multiple ways for data collection and analysis of said feature. Basically, it’s all data all the time over here, and I love it… which is why I’ve been focused on it for quite a while now. After 23 years of experience in architecture, PM, and design roles, and with 10 of those years dedicated purely to building analytics and data science products – I’m now consulting in strategic and tactical product design capacities.

In summary, I work on three things:

1) Building entire analytics products
2) Building analytics features into all types of products
3) Instrumenting and tagging products for analysis

When working on those things, I’m specifically doing:

1) UI/UX design
2) Full-stack architecture
3) Product management


Products I Led the Design and Creation Of


SOASTA mPulse is a highly successful, award winning real-user monitoring product.  It provides real-time insight into user experiences at scale on production sites.  I led product design for mPulse from idea to launch, through significant revenue growth, and ultimately to acquisition by Akamai


SOASTA Data Science Workbench (now Akamai) is a data science platform for UX.  It makes advanced machine learning and ad-hoc analysis possible on clickstream data for some of the highest traffic sites in the world.  I led this product from idea to launch, and to revenue and acquisition.


conDati is a data science platform for marketers.  It blends data from disparate martech tools. It then uses machine learning for forecasting and AI for optimization, generating siginifcant ROI.  I led design, engineering, data engineering, and data science in taking this product to market.