San Diego, CA, USA

Data Driven
Product Design

I’m a product designer and solutions architect in analytics. As equal parts PM, designer, and engineer – I work strategically and hands-on with the UX/UI, the architecture, and the underlying data in order to deliver analytics solutions. My domain expertise includes product usage, behavioral, marketing, UX, and business metrics. After 23 years of experience in full-stack software solutions, with the past 10 of those years dedicated solely to building analytics and data science products – I’m actively consulting in varying product roles for analytics projects.


Products I Led the Design and Creation Of


SOASTA mPulse is a highly successful, award winning real-user monitoring product.  It provides real-time insight into user experiences at scale on production sites.  I led product design for mPulse from idea to launch, through significant revenue growth, and ultimately to acquisition by Akamai


SOASTA Data Science Workbench (now Akamai) is a data science platform for UX.  It makes advanced machine learning and ad-hoc analysis possible on clickstream data for some of the highest traffic sites in the world.  I led this product from idea to launch, and to revenue and acquisition.


conDati is a data science platform for marketers.  It blends data from disparate martech tools. It then uses machine learning for forecasting and AI for optimization, generating siginifcant ROI.  I led design, engineering, data engineering, and data science in taking this product to market.